The Surfers

Welcome to the Turnhouse Surfers

The Turnhouse Surfers club was formed from a small group of friends and new members playing on a regular basis at Turnhouse Golf Club in Edinburgh. There is an enduring myth that in order to join a first name of “David” or a surname of “Gordon” is obligatory but this is not entirely true!
The emphasis was then, and still is, on fun and friendship but still “nameless and shameless” they were nicknamed “The Surfers” by Alan Young, the Turnhouse club steward, who noticed that the group communicated almost exclusively by the wonders of modern technology; albeit some with greater or lesser ability to use mice and modems than others! Shortly thereafter it was unanimously agreed over a few winter evenings in the Turnhouse Golf Club bar that “Surfers” should be formally adopted as the group’s name.
In 2005 the first Turnhouse Surfers trophy was introduced; the rest, as they say, is history.
The Turnhouse Surfers membership is ever increasing and even includes an Honorary Bajan Surfer, David Porter from Barbados who loved our logo!

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